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Thermal Process
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1st Choice Portable Chillers
Industrial portable chillers for a wide range of industries, including but not limited to plastics, rubber, chemical, and printing.
Ab & Co.
Produce a range of process heating systems, industrial heaters, and heat exchangers . Includes downloadable product data, and heat exchange formulae and calculators.
Advanced Combustion Technologies Co. Ltd.
Taiwan. Manufactures minimum emission burners designed for installation and/or retrofitting in industrial boilers. Site provides detailed product information.
Advantage Energy Group Inc.
Specializes in design and installation of heat recovery, water chilling, and pollution control systems. Site includes explanation of waste heat conversion and thermal oxidizing processes.
Allied Kiln Service Inc.
Provides sales, service, spare parts on all types of kilns and furnaces. Specializing in design and build of roller hearth and periodic kilns.
Alstom Power Inc.
Manufactures selection of specialized heat transfer equipment. Includes surface and direct contact condensers, turbine isolation dampers, steam jet air ejectors, and vacuum deaerators. Also offers retrofit and upgrade services.
Anderson-Bolds Inc.
Product lines include heating systems, control panels, annunciator systems, ovens, furnaces, and air conditioning for in plant and project applications.
Anker Cast Co
Canada. Custom design and manufacture of direct chill casting systems for the aluminium processing industry.
Ansa Technology Sdn. Bhd.
Malaysia. Specializes in design, manufacture, installation, and service of microwave systems for food, wood, chemical, pharmaceutical, and textile industries. Applications include heating, drying, tempering, and sterilization.
Ayotte Techno-Gaz Inc.
Canada. Manufactures selection of industrial ovens, burners, and washing and drying machines. Includes UV microwave dryers and units for polymerization of paints and inks. Site incorporates product photo-slide gallery.
Baba Therm Pvt. Ltd.
India. Manufactures and distributes line of air, fluid, and water heaters and steam generators. Site provides detailed description and specifications of each available unit.
Bader Engineering GmbH
Germany. Specializes in supply of cooling units designed to overcome heat build up in switch cabinets. Site provides illustrations of available models.
BH-F (Engineering) Ltd
UK. Specializes in manufacture and installation of glass conditioning and feeder systems and machinery for use at hot end of glass production lines. Services include supply of spare parts, repairs, overhauls, and conversions.
Callidus Technologies Inc.
Specializes in manufactures burners, flares, rotary kilns, waste and solids incinerators, and vapor recovery systems for the refining, petrochemical, chemical, and wood products industries.
Caltherm (UK) Limited
UK. Manufactures wide range of purpose-built industrial ovens for variety of drying, curing, pre-heating, and heat treatment applications. Includes top loading, box, tunnel, conveyor, infra-red, and ultra-violet models.
Carrier and Sandstedt Inc
Supplies alloy products made from cast or wrought iron materials for thermal processing industry. Applications include annealing, galvanizing, heat treatment, normalizing, and reheating.
CCI Thermal Technologies Inc.
Manufactures of infrared gas catalytic heater and electric infrared heaters for process heat and curing systems. Specializations include explosion-proof heaters for hazardous locations and filtration systems for air and gas.
CEC International - Combustion Engineers
UK. Specialists in flame treatment, furnace , air-heater and oven manufacture and repair. CEC also design industrial burner systems and gas control systems.
Cho-il Thermal Oil Heater Co. Ltd.
Korea. Manufactures various models of thermal oil heaters, as well as associated equipment such as preheaters, heat exchangers, steam generators, electric air heaters, and control units.
Chromalox Precision Heat and Control
Manufactures comprehensive range of commercial and industrial electric heating equipment. Includes heaters, sensors, heat tracers, and process and power controls. Site incorporates access to wide choice of information leaflets and training manuals.
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