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Test Equipment
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Environmental Test Chamber

Adelaide Testing Machines Inc.
Canada. Manufactures standard and custom stand alone and computer controlled mechanical load testing machines. Focus is on tensile, tension, compression, and torsion measurements.
Admet Inc.
Sells new, used, and reconditioned electromechanical and hydraulic machines for testing tension, compression, and bending properties of materials and components. Can also retrofit existing equipment.
Airometrix Mfg. Inc.
Manufactures flow meters for testing and monitoring leaks in air compressor equipment and systems. Site discusses likelihood of air leaks and benefits of early detection and elimination.
ALL-TEST Pro Instruments
Hand-held Instruments and software for troubleshooting, testing, and predictive maintenance monitoring of electric motors and transformers.
Manufactures selection of hand held, non destructive coating and paint thickness gauges. Site describes available models and mentions availability of option for screen printing applications.
ATEQ Corporation
Manufactures and supplies leak testing equipment for wide range of industrial, commercial, building construction, and medical applications. Units can include measurement of flow, volume, pressure, and electrical factors.
Automation Engineering, Inc.
Specializes in electric motors, motor components, and electro-mechanical device testing. Experience range from testing subfractional motors to sophisticated dynamometers for large integral motors.
B.S. Pyromatic India Private Ltd.
Manufactures range of laboratory and testing equipment. Includes imaging software, microscopes, quality control analysis and specimen preparation units, and metallography testing and analysis instruments.
Barbee Engineered Testing Systems
Manufactures range of standard and custom built, portable and stationary hydrostatic equipment. Includes valve testers, hose testers, hydraulic power units, and test stands.
Bicotest Limited
UK. Manufactures cable test and fault location instruments for use in communications, telephone, and power distribution industries. Site includes product and application information.
Bint S.r.l.
Manufacture of stroboscopes for industrial applications.
C&C Technologies Inc.
Sells, services, and leases broad range of environmental testing equipment; provides inhouse and onsite calibration service; and offers testing for such conditions as salt fog, thermal shock, vibration, and temperature/humidity.
Casteel Industries
Distributes various models of hardness testing machines for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Can also supply associated software.
Chennai Metco Pvt Ltd
India. Specializes in metallography testing equipment and services. Products include hardness testers, image analysis systems, and microscopes. Services include calibration, repair, and reconstruction of equipment.
CIA, The Company, Inc.
Custom computer enhanced inspection systems.
Climatic Testing Systems Inc.
Manufactures test equipment for automotive A/C and HVAC products, including endurance test units, calorimeters, and life cycle test stands. Also produces environmental rooms, incubators, and freezers for life sciences industries.
CoMech Ltd.
UK. Provides wide array of inspection and approval services. Includes mechanical and nondestructive testing, calibration, chemical analysis, product failure checks, welding certification, and tests of pressure systems and lifting equipment.
Connection Technology Center
Specializes in supply of accelerometers for vibration analysis, as well as associated mounting and installation hardware and tools. Site provides extensive product information and list of available manuals and published literature.
Credence Technologies
Manufacturer of instrumentation for diagnostics and measurement of electromagnetic emission, ESD, and RF signals for the electronics industry.
Delmhorst Instrument Co.
Manufactures variety of meters for measuring and determining presence of moisture in wide range of materials. Applications include agricultural, paper, construction, leather, and woodworking industries.
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