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Furnaces Incinerators Kilns
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AB Utenos Elektrotechnika
Lithuanian manufacturer of laboratory and industrial electrical furnaces and ovens. Additional lines include furnace insulation boards and modules, hand dryers, and steel shelving.
Abbott Furnace
Manufacturer of standard belt furnaces for processing powdered metals.
Access Used Furnaces
Site for marketing used thermal process equipment. Searchable inventory includes heat treating furnaces, ceramic kilns, and processing ovens. Includes listing and enquiry forms and terms and conditions for sellers and buyers.
ACOD, Inc.
Korea. Manufacturer specializing in metal fiber burners, perforated burners, and noxious and volatile organic compound abatement systems.
Aecometric Corporation
Canada. Specializes in design and manufacture of industrial combustion equipment for wide variety of applications. Products include standard and customized heaters, burners, incinerators, and dryers.
Air Burners LLC
Manufactures mobile and portable incinerators for disposal of such items as wood waste, forest fuels, and animal carcasses. Applications include land clearing, demolition debris removal, and cleanup of disaster areas.
Alhern-Martin Industrial Furnace Company
Manufactures broad range of industrial furnaces, dryers, and exothermic and endothermic generators. Applications include sintering, brazing, and annealing of products for a variety of industries. Also offers spare parts and repair services.
American Gas Furnace Company
Designs and manufactures extensive range of heat treating furnaces and related equipment. Includes rotary, shaker, belt, and car bottom models, as well as washers and dryers. Most products available in electrical, gas, or dual fuel versions.
Applied Heat Equipment Co.Ltd.
Canada. Manufactures broad range of standard and customized industrial heating equipment. Includes dryers, furnaces, ovens, and washers. Applications include automotive, food, painting, powder coating, and printing industries.
Designs and manufactures high temperature process furnaces and kilns for such applications as investment casting, forging, heat treatment, and ceramic firing. Also offers range of refractory, insulation, and combustion products.
Atlantic Pacific Energy Systems Inc.
Manufacture a rotary furnace capable of producing steam from whole scrap tires. Includes product overviews, benefits, and data charts .
Atlee Engineering
Australia. Manufacturers of heat treatment equipment and systems. Range includes drying and powder coating ovens and continuous belt furnaces.
Baker Furnace, Inc.
Full service manufacturer of extensive range of industrial ovens, furnaces, thermal/catalytic oxidizers, afterburners, and electric kilns and ovens. Engineering and field services available.
Basuki Pratama Engineering
Indonesia. Specialty is kiln drying systems for the timber industry. Also produces boilers, heaters, pollution control equipment, timber impregnation plant, and line of centrifugal fans.
Baugh Manufacturing Inc.
Manufacturer of industrial ovens and furnaces. Can also custom design and manufacture new equipment, recondition existing units, and automate manual installations.
Beijing DBS Co. Ltd.
China. Manufactures and exports roller, tunnel, and shuttle kilns for the ceramic and related industries. Site includes photos and technical descriptions of available equipment.
Bernard Trouilloud Industrial Furnace Fitting
France. Specialists in refractory brickwork, repairs, maintenance, and installation of furnances for glass, steel, chemical, and related industries.
Brant Radiant Heaters Limited
Canada. Manufactures broad range of natural gas, propane, and electric infra-red heating systems and infra-red process burners. Applications include agricultural, residential, commercial, and industrial markets.
British Industrial Furnace Construction Association
UK. Information site providing details of news, events, conferences, exhibitions, and organization's objectives and activities. Includes searchable database of industry's products, services, and member companies.
C.I. Hayes Inc.
Manufactures broad range of vacuum and atmosphere furnaces for variety of thermal process applications. Also offers heat treatment and brazing services. Site includes detailed product information.
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