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A.T. Ferrell Company Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of equipment for seed conditioning plants and associated facilities. Focus is on machinery for cleaning and grading grass, vegetable, and other seeds, as well as grains, legumes, and popcorn.
Aarkay Group
India. Development, fabrication, and supply of full range of tea processing machinery and related supplies. Includes heating, drying, sorting, packaging equipment and systems. Services include repairs, upgrades, and technical consultation.
Adams Equipment Company
Buys and sells used equipment for chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Interest includes centrifuges, heat exchangers, mixers, reactors, and filter presses. Single piece or entire plant purchases possible.
Alfa Laval AB
Sweden. Manufactures wide range of equipment, systems, and services for liquid/solid separation, heat transfer and treatment, and fluid handling. Site provides extensive product, application, and technical information.
Alpha Stainless, Inc.
Supplies process equipment for the biopharm industry. Manufactures special tanks. Represents various manufacturers of fittings, gaskets, pumps, valves, silicone hose, tubing, and other components.
Altieri A. srl
Italy. Wide range of stainless steel equipment for chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Includes autoclaves, columns, dryers, reactors, and distillation and fermentation plants. Subsidiary company specializes in liquid/solid separation and filtration equipment.
ALY Fabrication Inc.
Offers custom fabricated equipment for processing industries. Includes heat exchangers, storage tanks, pressure vessels, hopper and chutes, pump bases, and dust collectors. Site incorporates downloadable product files.
Ambica Powder Pvt. Ltd.
India. Manufactures selection of crushing and screening equipment for mining and ore processing industries. Includes feeding units, crushing machines, vibrating screens, and belt conveyors and hoppers.
Amcom LLC
Specializes in design and application of steel and slag recycling systems. Includes screening and crushing equipment, feeders, magnet stations, conveyor systems, aand scrap cleaning equipment.
American Steel Line Co.
Manufacturer of heavy duty steel coil handling equipment, including single and double end reels, traveling reels with coil loaders, pallet uncoilers, coil cars, and straighteners.
Manufactures specialized range of processing equipment for the rendering, food, chemical, and associated industries. Includes dryers, expellers, coagulators, percolators, hydrolyzers, and condensing, sterilization, scrubber, and odor abatement systems.
Aqua Products Inc.
Sells and services broad range of chemical feed equipment. Includes bacterial enzymes, booster and metering pumps, chlorinators, gas and leak detection units, flow and process controls and charts, scales, and surge protectors.
Aquasystem S.n.c.
Italy. Manufactures selection of diaphragm surge tanks, expansion tanks, and pressure vessels.
Arel Control (1971) Ltd.
Israel. Offers broad range of products and systems for dyeing industry. Includes batch dyeing units, liquid dispensing and powder weighing modules, and control and optimization systems.
Arnold Holstein GmbH
Germany. Manufactures wide range of continuous and discontinuous distilling equipment for chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Site provides extensive information regarding available units and accessories.
Aron Equipment Company
Comprehensive online catalogue of available new and used equipment and accessories for extensive range of processing industries. Services include facilities for trading and leasing items; appraisal and marketing of surplus equipment; and storage, transportation, and reconditioning of existing machinery.
ASC Process Systems
Offers diversified range of products and services for process industries. Includes autoclaves, ovens, and furnaces; software, power, and motor control center systems; and repair, upgrading, and relocation of equipment.
India. Detailed information site related to the indigenous process industry. Includes equipment sources and requirements; events, exhibitions, and projects; technical papers; and idea and information discussions.
Automated Process Equipment Corporation
Manufactures range of process equipment and automation systems. Includes batching, blending, mixing, weighing, proportioning, and liquid application machines.
Avasarala Group
India. Diversified company serving a variety of industries. Products include conveyors, electron guns, tungsten rod and wire, and a range of process machinery for electronic and automotive components manufacture.
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