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Thailand Hotels

Monday, August 13th, 2012

Among Asian countries, Thailand probably hosts the most number of foreign tourists drawn from all over the world by its stunning architectural landmarks, grand palaces, ancient temples, fine beaches and the culinary delights sold in the streets like nowhere else.

But as in any popular tourist and business destinations, the enjoyment of a beautiful place starts with the hotel a visitor chooses to stay. If the hotel service is lousy and less than world-class, this spoils the mood and perception of tourists and limits his ability to enjoy the sights.

For this reason, tourists intending to visit Thailand would do well to first check with Hotels in Thailand for the best hotels in this well-visited country. If you like your stay in Thailand to be something to remember, this online firm provides the most extensive and complete guide to Thai hotels and accommodation. It presents hotels of all shapes and sizes, the ambience of each, where exactly are hotels in Thailand are located, the accommodation specifics and what budget and taste are they fitted for.

As an online hotel booking service, they provide a full summary, customer ratings and reviews for all hotels and accommodations in Thailand. For the well-heeled and discerning beach lovers, for example, StayThailand will recommend the luxurious Aleenta, a small private beach hotel with 17 de-luxe suites and two private villas.

For the visitors who favor the nightlife, the best hotel in Thailand is the very chic Ibrik City which straddles Bangkok’s financial district.

Often suggested as top-of-the-list hotel is Shangri-La Bangkok, whose Horizon Cruise is the talk among the culinary adventurous visitors. The cruise features a leisurely ride along memorable sights with luncheon or dinner buffet that serves the country’s signature dishes. Horizon Cruise traces what the Thais call the River of Kings, which is fitting because the tour is fit for royalty.All pertinent information’s about the best hotels in Thailand are available at StayThailand. Tourists have a choice of 5-star, 4-star and 3-star hotels right in Bangkok.

Top The Best Luxury Hotels Around the World

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Are you fond of traveling to different destinations in the world to escape from the hectic and stressful life in the cities? Worlds Best Hotels will give you the inner peace and relaxation.The idea of staying in luxury hotels is something that many of us find very attractive. There are some truly impressive luxury hotels around the globe and in this article we’re going to look at some particularly special ones. From golden taps to the finest cuisine on the planet, the experience of staying in one of these places is nearly always very special.

The Savoy, London

This world famous hotel opened on the 6th August, 1889. It has 263 rooms, many of which overlook the Thames or otherwise have impressive panoramic views across the capital city. The hotel has actually been closed since December of 2007 – and it is thought will open sometime this summer. The hotel has featured in many films and works of fiction; one famous film it appeared in is The Long Good Friday, starring Bob Hoskins. Certainly one of the most desirable luxury hotels.

Le Bristol Hotel, Paris

Another one of the world’s most famous luxury hotels is Le Bristol, located in the heart of the French capital. Aesthetically, the hotel is a blend of Carrara marble and Gobelin tapestries. It also has a wide selection of 18th and 19th Century paintings – which are thought to have charmed some of the most beautiful women in the world. Famous personalities such Ava Gardner and Marilyn Monroe have stayed here and been reportedly amazed by the understated opulence of this old hotel.

The Plaza Hotel, New York

In its time, the Plaza Hotel was a big building – but over the years it has been gradually surrounded by modern tower blocks and skyscrapers. It is still, however, one of New York’s most famous luxury hotels. On its opening night, a room would have cost a modest 2.50 US dollars. Today the same room would cost around 3750 US dollars. This hotel, together with the Waldorf-Astoria, is the only hotel to be designated as a National Historic Landmark. It is located on the corner of 5th Avenues and 59th Street in Manhattan.

There are of course, a great many other top class, 5 star hotels around the world that offer these kind of facilities. But the selection 3 hotels above are a little special because of their history and the fact that they were among the first hotels to offer this level of service and comfort for their lucky guests. From London to Paris to New York – and many other cities besides – the choice of luxury hotels means that the well heeled can find great digs wherever they go.

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