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The Era of Telecommunication

Tuesday, December 8th, 2015

Telecommunication is the industry which is extremely fundamental for the economy and social benefit of the residents of any state. The fiscal and socio-economic strength of the nation does not play any role in influencing the significance of the telecommunication industry since it is likewise central for every land.

The customary land line telephone systems are the most former telecommunication systems. Later on, networks of wired television cable system also achieved the enclosure into the telecommunication industry. With the passage of time and the advancement of technology, numerous other telecommunication means were also launched. These most recent telecommunication means comprised significantly internet connections and cellular phones. With the introduction of applying internet technology on cellular phones, the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) gained extreme fame as well.

Telecommunication has in actuality made the world a global village. With the application of telecommunication technology, it has become much uncomplicated for people to keep in touch with each other. Besides communication, it has moreover facilitated people to transfer information from one location to another within seconds.

Broadly speaking, there are two major fields of telecommunication. The wired technology and the wireless technology are principal distributions. We have all been using the wired telecommunication media since our childhood days, for example the telephone, television broadcasting etc. Wired internet networks fall in this class as well.

With the recent years, the wireless telecommunication technology has gained tremendous boost up. The wireless telecommunication means are media like cell phones, wireless internet connections and cell phone GPRS. Due to the portability of wireless devices and trouble-free usage, these media of telecommunication is much favored by people all over the globe.

Become a Telecommunication Consultant?

Friday, November 6th, 2015

It is one of the toughest questions to answer – what it requires to be a telecommunication consultant? A telecommunication consultant is actually an independent professional who may own a business or work with a consultancy firm. There is no specific educational qualification that is mandatory for this profile. However, there is no doubt about it that to work as a telecommunications consultant a person needs to have proven track record and sufficient experience.

Duties of a telecommunications consultant

These consultants have to perform various duties. The tasks include

· Evaluating telecommunication systems within the company

· Managing and maintaining telecommunications systems

· Implementing and upgrading security of internal systems

· Providing suggestions regarding security matters

Although a telecommunications consultant can be self-employed, to thrive in this field a consultant has to work hard and need to gain detailed knowledge about the industry.

Experience is the key factor

Consultants cannot help if they lack experience in this field. Those who are new will have little knowledge about the telecommunication sector. Even, theoretical knowledge will not help to solve every type of telecommunication problem. Therefore, consultants who have prior experience in this industry or have carried out adequate research on the industry are likely to be successful.

It is a better idea to begin the career of a consultant with a firm or as a part of the company. It will offer more exposure to the challenges and enable a consultant to learn various things about telecommunication services.

Educational requirements

A telecommunication consultant needs to possess knowledge about this field as well as show keen interest on this business. A masterâEUR(TM)s degree in telecommunication will let you successfully enter into this field. However, ensure that your coursework at university or college includes computer science, mathematics, statistics, research methods and mass communication system. Knowledge in this relative field will help you to effectively solve the telecommunication problems.

The position may also demand a working knowledge of software designing, wireless technology, computer programming, telephone technology, laser and fibre optic technology. In addition to this knowledge base, ability to think critically and analytical skills will help a lot in this job.

Up-to-date knowledge

There are continuous changes and developments in this field of telecommunication. The professionals have to attend workshops and training courses to expand their knowledge base and skills. Otherwise, it will be difficult for them to face the new technological challenges.


If you have decided to work in a particular sector of telecommunication, a relevant certification will move you a step forward. However, a certification also requires a thorough knowledge of the field which you can gain working as a professional in telecommunication field.

Path to become a self-employed consultant

First and foremost, you need to understand that you have to gain years of extensive experience and expertise before you can venture for your own business.

In order to work as a self-employed telecommunications consultant you need to be visible to your potential customers. In simple terms, you have to promote your services and attract your target customers. Slowly you will have to develop a network with industry experts in order to gain contacts of potential customers. Those who are in this telecommunication industry for several years and are extrovert will find no difficulty in making acquaintances with people.

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