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Can You Trust a White Van Man?

From mini-vans to the larger Luton vans, white vans are an everyday sight in all the UK towns and cities, especially the larger cities like London. Many of these vehicles are used for trades, such as decorating, plumbing or window cleaning, some are used by courier companies for deliveries and some are for self-drive hire. The subject of this article, however, is the white van man used for transporting goods, whether just a part load of a couple of boxes, or a larger load such as a home or office removal, from A to B in the Greater London area.


There are a number of advantages in using these small, independent companies for this type of removal, as they are usually far less expensive than the bigger companies, use local drivers who know the area well, and can be very flexible when it comes to time or day that the removal is needed, which can be a real blessing if you can avoid congestion charges, or the busiest periods when traffic is crawling, at best, through the busy London streets. You can also often keep the costs down by offering to help load and unload, if you’re fit and able to do so, which can mean that one fewer paid person is needed. One such London removal company that is clear about this can be found at but it is always worth asking a few questions before you confirm the booking.

Factors you may wish to consider include the following:

  • Does the vehicle have a tail lift to enable loading of a particularly heavy item, which would otherwise be impossible (unless Superman is involved)?
  • If you can’t help load and unload, what is the cost for additional men?
  • How many trips might be needed for a full house or flat removal? You could also check whether the London removals company can provide more than one van for larger removals, as you will probably find that this option is still better than using a single, very large, removal lorry.
  • What happens if the white van man needs an overnight stay if you are going further afield?
  • Does the company provide a packing service, if required? If so, how much is the cost and how long will it take? You need to know this in case you have to make arrangements for additional time off work or to leave the key with a neighbour.
  • How long has the removal company in London been operating? It helps if you have the comfort of using a firm with several years’ experience in this type of work as you can be sure that they will know their way around and can manhandle large or delicate items through narrow doorways or up and down stairs.
  • What will the cost be? Are there any variables, or hidden costs, if for instance there is an accident somewhere that adds a couple of extra hours to the move?
  • Try to find out whether there are any reviews of the man with a van, or if you know someone who has used them before, as word of mouth recommendations are always useful.

Whilst this list isn’t exhaustive, it gives a starting point to help you make an informed choice on who to choice to handle your London removals.

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