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Archive for July 15th, 2015

Professional Backloading Removals Service

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

There are a number of great benefits that come from choosing to backload your removals rather than setting up a personalized plan.

So what is backloading and how does it work?

It basically refers to sharing transport space in a truck on a return route. The term “backloading” is widely used by removalist companies and refers to the practice of adding your relocation contents ad-hoc to another delivery. Because the truck is already on its way back to the main base, your furniture and boxes are added at a lower cost rate.

Why is it so beneficial?

The primary benefit is that it cuts costs, exponentially. Most removalist companies would much rather prefer to utilize 100% space and all the travelling time of their trucks. Not only does this mean greater profits for them, it means saving on fuel in the long run. Really, it’s a great situation for both the removalist companies and the client. You’ll save costs, and have peace of mind that your move is not taking as great a toll on the environment as it would have had you arranged for a personal removals package.

When to consider a backloading removals service

Mostly people opt for backloading when moving houses. However, lately it has become increasingly popular for people to choose to backload their goods when making a big interstate move. Whether you’re making a move locally or going interstate, it’s a very good idea to secure your items.

How can I protect my items when choosing the backloading removal services?

• Mark your boxes well. 3 things that should be very clear at first glance are your name, the address it’s going to, and which way up it should be packed.

• Seal your boxes well. Remember to seal it shut with tape on the top and bottom openings. This way, you’ll be sure no-one has opened your box and it will ensure that nothing heavy can fall out of the box when the removalist team starts unpacking.

• Don’t pack anything in black bags or smaller carry bags. Bigger travel bags are possibly still acceptable, so long as they are marked well as mentioned in point number.

1. If you do have a few bigger travel bags, don’t forget to lock so they cannot be opened.

2. Tape drawers and cupboard doors shut. Stack baskets that will nest well within each other. Use chests as packing space and lock them also.

3. Ask your service provider if the make use of an inventory system. This will definitely ensure the safety of your items and keep them from accidentally landing up in someone else’s home.

So there you have it, backloading your goods with a reliable backloading removalist company is definitely something to consider next time you need to move. It’s fast, cost-effective and is still a fantastic service that doesn’t lack in quality.

Take to Find a Commercial Lendor

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

You need someone on your side who is an expert in the nuances of the kinds of loans that are a part of commercial real estate. But finding one can be kind of tricky. Here are a few tips to help you find a great commercial lender.

Commercial banks and lenders often specialize in the larger companies, so finding ones that specialize in small businesses is often harder. The good news is, especially since 2012, small business lending has been on the rise.

One way to find a small business friendly lender is to look for a smaller lender. Community-based banks and credit unions are often much more likely to loan to a local business. Why? It’s partly based on their ability to know you and your business better than the big guys can. It’s also based on their willingness to support their local economy by investing in it. Some local banks are also participants in the Small Business Credit Initiative which is a federal program to help give small businesses a boost.

Another way to get a commercial loan is to find a lender who offers loans backed by the Small Business Administration. These loans are perfect when you don’t have the criteria that other loans would require for evaluating your creditworthiness. The SBA backs the loans, giving lenders the ability to loan to you without fear. You can either check to see if the lender lists that it is a Preferred SBA Lender or you can consult the SBA for a list of local lenders who are a part of the program.

If you can, find out who will actually be doing the loan evaluation and making the final decision, whether it is the bank itself or if they send off your loan to an outside company. This can change who you want to work with if you intend to work locally.

Once you do find a lender you like and are willing to work with, do your research on the company. You will be with them for several years while you pay off the loan, so you want to be sure you can have a good relationship with them. Check the company track record and make sure that they are likely to be around in 10 -15 years when your loan matures. You can also check to see if the company offers annual financial reviews to see if there are other financial products that it might offer you that can be of benefit.

The Commercial Finance Association also offers you some advice and help finding a commercial lender. Their service is free and you can do your search by what kind of loan you are seeking, the amount you want to finance, and where you are. The CFA will then give you options for a lender who will match what you are looking for.

If you can, think about all of this and create your strategy before you actually need the loan. It will make things go more smoothly and faster when the time comes.

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