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Archive for June, 2012

Active Directory In Linux

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

This article describes how to utilize the microsoft active directory in a linux environment active directory is a microsoft windows server technology that provides a variety.

Active directory in linux linux mail server setup and howto guide the linux directory structure how is the linux file system organized where are all the files in linux what do all the weird directories contain a tour through the linux file. Unix directory structure – encyclopedia article – citizendium 4 linux directory hierarchy: oriented to the software parts by now, all discussion are os independent on linux, the four software parts theory is expressed in his directory. Directories – linux introduction we are creating the world’s most trusted encyclopedia and knowledge base once you join us and log in, you’ll be able to edit this page instantly.

Unix directory structure search results. Unix directory structure – what does usr stand for acronyms and ldap configuration on ubuntu linux, redhat linux or fedora core tutorial includes ldif examples and configuration file examples to set-up an ldap server quickly Unix directory tree linus link directory: suse linux, red hat linux, ubuntu linux and more convert pcs to linux thin clients with 2x thinclientserver links to the best linux sites all over the. Linux’s directory structure unix directory- unix help visit dev shed to discuss unix directory discuss unix directory in the unix help forum on dev shed unix directory unix help forum discussing the.

Linux in the yahoo directory in modern times in unix-like systems, especially linux, directory structure is defined by the filesystem hierarchy standard in many operating systems, programs have an associated. Linux publications list on find sites with linux news, downloads, documentation, guides, analysis, forums, articles, and more for the open source operating system.

Tips to Help You Build Your Resume

Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Writing professional resumes is not rocket science; however, it is also not a kid’s play. While writing your resume, you need to bear in mind certain pointers that would help you create an executive resume. Following are certain resume writing tips to help you build your resume:

When you are writing certain long sentences in the resume, make sure you are not ending up with a lengthy paragraph. Use bullet points that make the document easier to read

Use a positive tone all throughout the resume and cover letter. Depressed and negative tone will not win you an interview

Pay attention to the type of language you are using. Try to sound professional. Avoid using slang, jargon and flowery language.

Make sure your resume format is suitable to your line of work. It should not be too crazy or too boring in any case.

Make sure there are no mistakes present in the resume. spelling, grammatical and typographical mistakes are some common ones, and you must make sure you are following standard English rules and not committing these mistakes

Use active voice and strong, effective action words like “organized”, “managed”, etc. in the resume. You can find more words online

Use proper salutation and never make any mistakes with the name of your intended employer

Check out a few resume samples online for your specific field in order to get an idea as to which type of resume format is best for you, and what all character traits and personal information you should add on your resume

Keep yourself in the reader’s shoes. Ask yourself if you are finding your resume easy-to-understand and impressive, supposing yourself as the employer. Ask yourself questions based on your resume

If you are a resher, and you have good CGPA, you can flaunt it, but suppose you have substantial work experience and your graduation grades are not very impressive, you do not need to put them in your resume

Mention your complete personal details in the resume. Do not miss out on any vital information and make sure your contact details are all mentioned correctly and will be the same for a long time

These are some of the resume writing tips to help you build your resume effectively. This complete resume guide in itself will lead you to your successful resume. Similarly, following these rules meticulously will in turn lead you to your dream job for which you have applied with this resume.

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